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How do you take your business online when every major digital advertising platform blocks your business type?

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Avalon Guns has been providing the highest quality service and country sporting goods to the Southwest of the UK since 1983. They’ve got a strong physical presence and up until 2017 had a strong website presence. Due to a development project reducing website traffic, combined with a popular search engine updating its term and conditions, Avalon Guns suddenly saw a drop in traffic and subsequently a drop in conversions from organic traffic. They couldn’t throw money into advertising to level out the drop in revenue due to guidelines preventing any company promoting firearms products with advertising on social media or search engines.
We came into the business as consultants to develop a marketing strategy. Our aim was to identify ways to recover the revenue loss seen by the website project and help the team improve the performance of organic social media, email marketing and website performance.

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After a full analysis of the Avalon Guns internal process, website, and day-to-day management of stock across the website and the physical stores we identified that the loss of sales mainly came from volume products that were accessories to any firearms sold by the business. As such, we devised a plan to build a sub-domain and brand that purely sold the accessories that didn’t breach any advertising guidelines for the business. This allowed us to build a social media, PPC and website game plan to drive increases in revenue and give the business an opportunity to retrieve as much revenue as possible.

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“Avalon Guns presented a unique challenge for our team of digital specialists. When you can’t lean on the most effective tool available for regional physical stores - social media advertising - you have to get creative. In this case, splitting the businesses product portfolio meant we could remove the problem of Avalon being blocked from advertising completely. We built a sub-brand, re-positioned the offering and built a marketing strategy that had a much better ROI for items that could easily be sold online for a long time into the future.”


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