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How do you convince customers your tastier, conveniant and sustainable product is better than sector leaders?

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The Eden Project is an educational charity, and its destinations and projects explore the interconnections between all living things. To affect as much change as possible the Eden Project has begun commercial projects over the last few years with expert partners to launch sustainably focused sector changing products to the masses. One of those projects is fully compostable coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso Original machines. We work with the Eden Project commercial team and Fresh Coffee Shop to deliver marketing for their brand-licensed coffee range and our primary aim has always been to preserve the messaging of the Eden Project Charity whilst driving revenue growth for the products in the highly competitive UK consumer coffee market. We have to position Eden Project Coffee Pods as a better alternative to sector leaders in supermarkets and online.

Eden Project Coffee


We built a growth strategy centred around digital advertising to seed the product and its key attributes against sector leaders across PPC and social channels. Our content creation and brand strategy work built social proof on the Amazon and Shopify storefronts. This allowed us to work with the Eden Project and Fresh Coffee teams to hone the messaging and product offering to compete with sector leading products on price, customer service level and the sustainability credential communcation to build trust, and then sales.

Teylu Quote.

“The Eden Project even launching a commercial product was extermely exciting for our team to be a part of as so many of us are focused on sustainability. This project proved challenging and rewarding, as convincing the loyalists of sector leading brands to enjoy a comparible quality product with none of the sustainability or recycling drawbacks actually created massive doubt in the consumer base. We had to do a lot of work to convice consumers of the truth and validity behind the message, and educate about the Eden Project more than anticipated to drive sales in the beginning.”


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