Je Joue

When you have an aggressive growth strategy and need to find more margin in marketing, how do you?


Je Joue Sex Toys


Je Joue has been designing and crafting award-winning sex toys since 2005. Je Joue brought sex toys into the mainstream focused around education, exploration, design, and high-quality materials. We were approached to work with the Je Joue team pro-bono to carry out an analyse of existing marketing activity and identify market opportunities in the future to potentially pivot the brand. The primary aim was research and analysis. We worked with the Je Joue marketing team to look at the past 3-years marketing activity and identify points for growth and ways the brand could potentially pivot or grow their business from a market opportunity standpoint in the future.

Je Joue Sex Toys


We explored all marketing revenue return data from 2017 to 2020 and created a projection with the team of potential revenue streams and market opportunities available to the business going forwards. This covered everything from brand repositioning, suggested marketing strategies and product line recommendations. This package of research allowed the team to get a detailed external perspective on potential routes forwards for the company and allowed them to easily implement the ideas into a wider business strategy if they wished.

Teylu Quote.

“The Je Joue brand was intriguing because they had revolutionised the sex toy market with high-quality award-winning design since 2005. Their design studio functionality allowed them the freedom to develop exciting new product lines and their ongoing D2C development selling online allowed us to research and develop very exciting ideas for them to implement if they wished”


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