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If your physical stores have to be closed, how do you move your business online?

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Urban Baristas is a coffee shop chain in London. They launched in 2016 out of a Bounds Green underground station. They’re Aussie, they love the aussie coffee experience (fun, high-quality and flavourful) and they wanted to shake up the London coffee scene. By 2020 they have seven coffee shops in London. They had to fight through lockdowns when their shops had to close in 2020. They started working on selling their coffee to customers at home with a new roastery managing the process end-to-end. Urban Baristas needed someone to guide them through the process of developing an e-Commerce store, building online marketing strategies, and engaging their physical store goers to enjoy their coffee at home while they couldn’t be open. The aim of our work was to increase the exposure of the brand, drive conversions online with their existing customers from London and new customers and improve their marketing systems and digital functionality. On top of this we took on content creation and daily running of their marketing activity alongside their team.

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Urban Baristas hired us as their marketing outfit. We developed an online marketing strategy using ads, organic content and email. We then worked on their website to improve conversion rates and the customer journey. This involved website development, copy writing, brand positioning and customers journey design. We backed up all our work with content creation for the brand that put their product front and centre, and built them a system that converted customers, but also brought them into the companies own data system so that they could learn more about customer interaction with the brand in-store and online to improve customer satisfaction and service.

Teylu Quote.

“We saw a 147% increase in sales month on month for the brand when we launched the campaign fully and cotninue to see growth in all the important areas for UB online - engagement, conversion and traffic”

Client Quote.

“The Teylu team have been an absolute pleasure to work with during our six months together. Teylu has taken our E-commerce platform and not only considerably boosted our item sales but have also helped to scale up our email platform, social and customer interaction. Teylu’s senior team consistently worked one to one with me and other team members going beyond the call of duty to help us understand areas within our business we lacked knowledge of, and we now feel confident going forwards in these areas alone. It has been a great pleasure and I hope one day to work with the Teylu team once again”

Braden Rixon, Urban Baristas
London, UK


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